Top Electric Scooter To Buy (2018) #Tip Before Buying

0:04 AKTIVO Scoot Teaser – http://kck.st/2N6tr0r
The AKTIVO Scoot has the perfect balance between elegance and performance. It is built out of a single-piece magnesium frame, and is propelled by an astonishing empty wheel electric motor. With a 1000W brushless motor, the AKTIVO Scoot is the most powerful scooter in the market.

0:45 MYLO Electric Scooter – http://bit.ly/2AX298Y
MYLO is an innovative, all-electric, three-wheel scooter that is sturdy, ultra-compact, and fun-to-ride. It folds in less than 1 second and provides a practical and portable mode of personal transportation.

2:50 EcoReco – https://amzn.to/2Gp88Fm
EcoReco pays attentions to design details so you can enjoy a perfect ride. The rear-drive architecture ensures a safe and stable ride, and maximizes uphill climb-ability.

5:45 Eon Scooter – http://bit.ly/2TbjRfU
Redefining the scooter with up to 45% hill climbing torque, 45 mph speeds & range of 50+ miles!

7:14 WideWheel – https://amzn.to/2XFOSdT
Ultra wide tires with front and rear suspension for a comfortable and smooth ride

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